One child’s take on mum losing her job

We’re very lucky to have two smashing kids, our almost eleven year old boy girl twins. Their reactions to me being at home and not going out to work have been completely different – which stands to reason as they’re about as different as boys and girls can be. One day my son sat down and spouted out a whole list of reasons why he was glad I wasn’t still commuting to the job. It’s really good to remember this list; it helps me feel less guilty for not being out on the coalface. Also reminds me that I am a mum and I have two little people and a husband in my team in the kitchen – and that perhaps sometimes I’d let them slip down my list or let other things get in the way. When I get back into work I’m going to try hard to keep an eye on this list.

Here is his top ten with my comments in brackets:

  • I get a lie-in every morning (no more hurtling downstairs for family breakfast at 7am, he didn’t mention the massive morning cuddle we have too now)
  • Having delicious food, not the au pair’s (if I’d had time to guide their cooking it would have been better, so black mark for me)
  • You’re never late home from work, you’re always at home (hmm the ‘traffic’ was often worse than it was as I used every excuse in the book for not leaving when I should’ve)
  • We see you much more (love this one)
  • I get time with you when my sister’s at swimming (yes I am able to do the back and forth to the pool 3x a week so we get new time together)
  • Less tense and no shouting (well there’s less of both now, I was not very good at the work – home transition, flying through the front door Blackberry flashing)
  • More time to make our packed lunches (hhhm why won’t you have school dinners?)
  • I’m not bored in the mornings (that’s because homework’s replaced boredom)
  • You come to things at school now (he even gets the dates in advance to make sure I have 100% attendance at events)
  • You don’t miss breakfast (ironic isn’t it – I was travelling to events at other kids’ schools)

His final comment was, ‘Anyway Mummy you’ll just get another job and we’ll get a new au pair, so it’ll all be fine.’ Top boy, eh.

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