Overcoming the Fear of Judgment: Authenticity and #ThisGirlCan

Watched #thisgirlcan ad shouting in my head ‘go girl’. Read on to hear awesome outdoor swimmer and blogger Alice Gartland’s take on self confidence and exercising.

芙蓉出水 Out of the Water a Lotus Rises

Sport England launched its TV ad campaign for ‘This Girl Can‘ last night, all aimed at increasing women’s participation in sport and empowering us to embrace exercise.

It’s a wonderfully inspiring film and struck a particular chord with me, not just because the advert features open water swimming and a woman kicking arse running up a hill to a Missy Elliott soundtrack, but above all, because of its authenticity.

A lot of people talk about the importance of “being yourself”, but knowing what that is can be difficult – sometimes we get lost or we become hidden; and the ‘being’ bit isn’t always straightforward either.

Sport is often the place where all of that comes to the fore.

Olivia Parker’s article in the Telegraph describes how Sport England’s research found that “2 million fewer women are regularly participating in sport or exercise than men, despite 75 per…

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